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E-magazine of the Basque Observatory of Human rights

With this electronic bulletin, BEHATOKIA intents to present precise and specific information referring to the violations of human rights or attacks against the practice of fundamental liberties perpetrated by both, the Spanish and the French States.

These are the subjects included in the latest bulletin, the 28th. you can gain access to the full text (in rtf format) by clicking on the headlines:

- Torture: Amnesty International report on impunity
Amnesty International regularly reports the persistence of Torture in the Spanish State. In its annual report covering the year 2006 this organization makes specific reference to the five days incommunicado, extendible up to thirteen, observed by the Spanish Justice as for the detainees

- Gorka Lupinez tortured
In December 6th the young Durango Gorka Lupinez was arrested in a control of the Guardia Civil while he was going for a walk. He was then taken to the barracks of “La Salve” of the Guardia Civil and placed under incommunicado regime. Lupinez was on bail and scheduled to be tried in January on charges of participating in various acts of sabotage, for which he had been arrested twice already. Twice as well he reported to have been tortured.

- Prisoners with grave and incurable diseases : Gotzone Lopez de Luzuriaga
There are nine Basque prisoners who suffer from serious and incurable diseases and could eventually be released in application of Article 92 of the Penal Code.

- Arrested by the orders of the Audiencia Nacional, processed in lawsuit 18/98
Although the sentence was not yet known, the Audiencia Nacional issued to the Spanish police forces, on December 1st, the order to arrest the Basque citizens tried in lawsuit 18/98. The order which could be justified through risk of light, were there any, would affect 48 among the 52 persons who were tried.

- Hundreds of years of business, social, political and cultural activities
The sentence concerning case 18/98 was at last notified by the Audiencia Nacional on December 19th 2007after the press had published a good part of its content. By order of the aforesaid sentence have been outlawed and disbanded several political, social and business activities such as the newspaper Egin , the radio station Egin Irratia, the political organization Ekin, European association for international solidarity and the foundation for the promotion of associations and Basque association Joxemi Zumalabe.

- Imprisonment of the National bureau of Batasuna: political rights?
The detention of Juan Mari Olano in a demonstration, brutally-attacked, by Basque police forces, and which caused dozens of injured on September 9th, gave a new orientation to this dynamic. Indeed the charges held by Baltazar Garzon against Olano were not based on the disorders caused by the demonstration, still less on the alleged illegality of this latter, but rather on the ‘repetition of an offence’ for continuing his activities as spokesman of pro-Amnesty organization Askatasuna.

- Strasbourg admits the appeal of Batasuna relative to its outlawing
It was confirmed in early December that the European Court of Human Right will examine the recourse of Herri Batasuna as well as the one of Autoderminaziorako Bilgunea (AuB), and the local platforms and Herritarren Zerrenda (HZ) outlawed on implementation of the law on political parties

- Garzon sent Marije Fullaondo to prison
One of the appellants against the outlawing of Herritarren Zerenda before the Strasbourg Court, Marije Fullaondo, was Precisely arrested in an operation conducted by the judge of the Audiencia Nacional, Baltazar Garzon, on December 18th.

- Crime of disobedience to TSJPV: The PSOE facing its law relative to parties
The High Court of Justice of Basque country has decided to open a trial against Batasuna members: Arnaldo Ortegi, Pernando Barrena, Juan José Petrikorena, Rufi Etxebarrieta and Olatz Danobeita for alleged crime of disobedience, and against Juan José Ibarretxe (PNB), Patxi López and Rodolfo Ares (PSE) prosecuted as necessary collaborators.

- Youths prosecuted for causing disorders in Kale Barroka Street, arrested in incommunicado detention
One of the aims of the anti-terrorist policy of the Spanish State, in connection with the French one, was the detention of youths allegedly linked to the actions of sabotage and urban guerrilla warfare. Being charged with terrorism involves therefore the application of the exceptional legislation, namely the incommunicado regime.

- Analysis:
S tate of struggle against Torture
Julen Arzuaga, coordinator of Behatokia


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